How to Present Temporary Employment on Your Resume

June 27th, 2011

Temporary job opportunities can provide an excellent way for professionals seeking flexibility, looking for positions to fill gaps in between full-time jobs, and needing real-world experience to gain employment.

But, temporary assignments can pose a challenge when preparing your resume for full-time employment. Here are some tips to maximize the impact your temporary positions have on your qualifications:

  • Decide if you really need to list them. If you only worked for a few weeks (up to a few months) on a temporary assignment, you may not need to include it on your resume. Your resume should include a combination of your most recent, and your most relevant experience. If your temporary assignment doesn’t fall into either of these categories, it may be best to leave it out.
  • List the company name, as well as the staffing firm. If your temporary assignment included time with a top employer, be sure to note that on your resume. If you were working through a staffing firm; however, you were actually employed by the staffing firm, and not the company. So, be sure to include the staffing firm in the listing as well (or, contact your staffing firm for permission to list the company name).
  • Combine several assignments. If you worked multiple temporary assignments for one staffing firm, combine them into one posting on your resume, listing your staffing firm as the employer. This can show some stability of employment, and can provide a nice aggregate of your skills and experience while you were working with your temporary assignments.
  • Emphasize results. Don’t just list your duties while on your temporary assignments (this goes for any full-time experience too!), focus on the results you generated. Did you complete a report more quickly and with more accuracy than your predecessor? Instead of saying you “compiled and generated a report,” share your accomplishment! Your temporary assignments will have a much greater impact if you can share concrete results you contributed.

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Effective Interviews: Six Things You Should Know Ahead of Time

June 20th, 2011

Understanding a candidate’s qualifications, and how they fit into an organizational culture, is a critical part of any recruiter or interviewer’s job. Having an understanding of a client’s background before the interview allows a recruiter to be better equipped to ask more intuitive questions and have a more effective interview.

Get Key Information Ahead of Time.
Help your interviews provide more targeted information and reduce your chances of a bad hire by knowing these six things before the interview:

1. Salary History.
Be sure you understand a candidate’s salary background and history, including any bonus compensation. Ensuring you have a complete understanding of this history helps your team provide a clear, competitive compensation plan, and can also eliminate candidates who are considerably outside your acceptable range.

2.  What They Are Looking For.
All candidates enter their job searches with a specific goal in mind. Before the interview, make sure you understand what it is your candidates are hoping to achieve. If you have an idea of the “big picture” before your interview, you can ask more targeted questions during the actual interview process.

3. Whether the Candidate Perform the Duties of the Job.
Based off of a candidate’s resume, you should have an idea whether or not this candidate can perform, or has the background necessary, to complete the duties of the job. During your interview, you can ask probing questions to boil it down to day-to-day tasks, but you should have at least a good idea that a candidate can actually do the job.

4. Reference Information.
This is a bit of “housecleaning,” but during the hectic pace of an interview, recruiters may forget to request reference information. Ask for it in your job posting, or when scheduling an interview, to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

5.  Current Availability.
If you have an immediate need for an additional member of your staff, safe yourself, and your potential candidates, time by addressing that your need is immediate and urgent in the job posting, or make it clear when scheduling the interview.

6.  If They Are Interviewing Elsewhere.
This can have an extremely large impact on your hiring decision. If a recruiter identifies a particular candidate as a strong contender – and that candidate is interviewing elsewhere, you may have to act quickly. Don’t invest the time and money necessary to hire your top candidate go to waste by dragging your feet and waiting too long to make an offer.

Take the time before your interview to ensure you have the information you need. It’s an investment that could have a big impact on your future success. If you are looking for top candidates to add to your team, Gage Personnel can help! We match experienced professionals with top employers in Reading, Ephrata and across Berks County.

Looking the Part: Are You Dressing Properly for Job Interviews?

June 12th, 2011

Interviewing for jobs can be one of the most stressful parts of finding a new career opportunity. Are you answering questions correctly? Are you making enough eye contact? Is your handshake firm enough?

There are plenty of things to think about before and during an interview. One thing you may not be giving much thought to is your attire – this could be a big mistake.

Looking the part is essential.

Your interviewer is basing his or her opinion on you from the moment you walk through the door of your new potential employer. Don’t you want to make sure you get off to a great start?  Your attire helps support the image you are crafting with your resume and interview responses – don’t let it get in the way of your next job.

Here are a few tips to be sure you’re dressed appropriately, and ready to win your next job:

1. Dress for the position.
If you’re a financial professional or lawyer, you’ll likely be dressing in a business suit, or other formal attire. Creative professionals may not need a suit; however, casual attire is never appropriate for an interview. If you’re uncertain how others in your field are dressing, stop by an office or other environment where you can see different types of professionals at work. Then, gauge your attire off of the various examples you see. When in doubt, it is very rare to be overdressed for an interview. Interviewers understand that you are trying to impress!

2. Stay composed.
Don’t be so concerned with looking the part that you pile on too many accessories or “pieces” of your outfit. You’ll feel uncomfortable, and it could affect your confidence level – definitely not something you want to affect your interview! Keep accessories to a minimum, and limit yourself to a briefcase or portfolio to bring a copy of your resume, or other supporting documentation.

3. It’s okay to bring your personal style.
Interviewers are interested in learning about who you really are during an interview – make sure your attire shows off your personal style (Within reason, of course – you always want to dress professionally). When you are dressed in attire that reflects your own style, you are much more likely to be confident and collected during the interview.

4. Don’t bring these items.
It is never a good idea to bring any of the following items into an interview: cell phone, gum, iPod, coffee…in other words, leave your personal effects at home.

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Experience Isn’t Everything! Hiring Recent Graduates Can Make a Big Impact on Your Business.

June 6th, 2011

Choosing the right candidates for an open position can seem like a daunting task. Once you’ve determined the qualifications needed for the position, matching prospective employees’ backgrounds and personalities to those qualifications takes skill and hard work.

And at the end of the day, how much do those desired qualifications mean?

Say you have an opening in your organization, and you want a professional with at least two three years of experience. Are those years of experience really going to set apart one candidate from a recent graduate? Here are four reasons why you might want to consider the recent grads over the seasoned pros:

Recent grads are eager and grateful.

Don’t underestimate the power of a grateful employee. College graduates know that they’re entering a difficult job market. Although the economy has shown signs of recovery, we are still mired in a slump. When you choose a recent grad over a seasoned professional, you’re gaining an employee who will be extremely grateful for the opportunity. Certainly most professionals are grateful for a job; however, many veterans have a sense of entitlement to positions that comes with experience. Recent grads are simply grateful for the opportunity, and eager to get started.

They know other great talent.

Recent college grads know other college grads – and likely plenty of them! When you hire a recent graduate, you’re likely tapping into an extensive network of other talented, educated professionals.

They are natural marketers.

Perhaps you’re not looking for a marketing professional, but give this one some thought. Recent grads are coming into the job marketplace with the keenest sense of social media marketing our market has ever seen. Choosing a recent grad for your next open position likely means some positive social media mentions for your organization, and perhaps you could even learn a few tricks and methods to expand your business’ social media presence.

Succession Planning.

Hiring fresh, young talent allows you to clearly plot a career path and succession plan within your orgnaization. Hiring the best fresh talent now will not only have an immediate impact on your business, it can have dramatic long-term effects.

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