5 Ways the Job Search Has Changed Post-Recession

March 2nd, 2012

It is no secret that the job market has permanently changed since the recession. While there is improvement in hiring there are new things to consider when looking for a position. Keeping these things in mind is important to successfully conducting your post-recession job search.

  1. The Jobs Landscape has permanently changed. The truth is there are some jobs that are just no longer available in today’s market. Some of the positions that were eliminated in the recession have not and will not come back. Reinventing yourself and leveraging your transferable skills will be imperative to convincing a hiring manager that you are a good fit for their open position.
  2. Show activity even in times of unemployment. If you have been out of work for some time an interviewer is bound to ask the question, “What have you been doing since your last position?”  The worst answer to this question is “Looking for a job.”  Periods of high unemployment take their toll for sure, but employers are looking for positivity in their next hiring decision. Make sure you can answer that question with something tangible. Did you do some volunteer work? Did you start writing that book you always wanted to write? Did you take that opportunity to spend more time with your family? Take that time to focus on what you have done rather than your unemployment and it will reflect positively on you as a candidate.
  3. Networking is important. Prior to the recession the major job boards were king, but now companies don’t want to find anonymous candidates on the internet. Networking has always been important and referrals are the best way to make new employment connections in the market today. Using a staffing company to help you find a job is one great way to make this happen. They already have a network of clients and can market your skills.
  4. There is no such thing as a conventional resume. There is no one way to write a resume and no matter how many people you ask for opinions, you’ll get just as many conflicting answers. Your resume is a marketing campaign for you. You can no longer have just one resume and be able to send it to every company to which you are applying. You need to tailor your resume for every opportunity.
  5. There is much more competition. Even though the market is improving there are still a lot of people looking for jobs. This means you might be one of several candidates interviewing for the same open position, and only one of you can get the offer. Employers have the luxury to interview lots of people to find the one they consider “perfect” for that job. Make sure that you show them why you are the candidate they should hire.

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