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Gage Expands in Lancaster County!

Gage is now offering jobs in four divisions at our Ephrata Office and Lancaster Office locations!  Stop by any one of our offices to meet our team today!

Looking for a job?  We are waiting to help you find your next great job and we are excited to help connect you with top employers!  

Looking for great employees?  We have met some wonderful candidates that we'd love to refer to you!



Our primary goal is to help students get connected with our community and ensure their success both in school and in the workforce. 

Student Benefits:

• Helps students achieve academic achievement and success both in school and through career opportunities.

• Provides students training in development of soft skills, workforce-readiness, interviewing, resume writing and more.

Career Program Partnership Opportunities: 

• Job Shadowing


Gage Personnel and Reading High School have joined forces to enter into the second year of our innovative Career Program Partnership for the 2018-2019 school year!

Through the RHS/Gage Career Program, students are available for placement in jobs, internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing and more. Contact Ivy Horn, Career Program Coordinator, today to learn about how you can become more involved in helping to shape our future workforce and leaders of tomorrow! There is no cost for employers to participate.

Contact us today to learn more about hiring opportunities!

Job Seeker FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Click above to read more about the 10 most common questions we are asked by job seekers!

1. What companies does Gage hire for?

Gage partners with a number of companies throughout the region! Gage gives candidates the opportunity to get connected and get their foot in the door with top local companies in positions such as administrative, professional, manufacturing, skilled trades and more.

2. Does Gage offer jobs other than just "TEMP" work?

Employer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Click above to read more about the 10 most common questions we are asked by clients!

1. What kind of positions can Gage help me staff for?

Meet the Gage Team!

Please join us in welcoming our newest employees to the Gage Team!

Brian Frantz, Risk and Safety Manager

Julie Denunzio, Business Development and Professional Recruitment Specialist

Jessica Marquez, Bilingual Recruiter and Staffing Coordinator

Maria Soto, Bilingual Customer Service Support

Staffing Made Simple.

Why choose GAGE?  We'll tell you in three simple words: Staffing Made Simple.

That's just it! The team at Gage Personnel keeps the process simple for both our clients and our candidates. After all, it's all about being able to help great companies connect with our great candidates - and that's the easiest part! After being in business for more than 30 years, we have staffing down to a science - we learn what our customers want and we deliver - it's as simple as that.


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