4 Reasons to Outsource Your Hiring

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Hiring

By: Katelyn Lengeman, Recruiter & Marketing Coordinator

Let’s take a second to go over what most days look like in the workplace. You inevitably start your morning with an insane amount of emails vying for your attention, followed by meetings with co-workers or management, putting in time on projects with fast-approaching deadlines, and corresponding with customers and clients to ensure satisfaction. You need your team and your time to be as efficient as possible. What if I told you that Gage could save you time and ensure quality team members by helping you with your staffing needs? Gage Personnel has been providing quality staffing solutions for thirty years and we have expanded our reach throughout Berks, Lancaster and Lebanon County. Here are four ways that a staffing service like Gage Personnel can help you and your company with your time, resources, and productivity:

1. Save Time - Time can be your greatest enemy if you don’t manage and delegate correctly. In every company, it’s crucial that time is spent as efficiently as possible. We can save you time with the invaluable service we provide. We take your specifications and needs for an employee and put in the time and effort to screen applicants through various tools, provide skills-based testing and interview them to make sure they are the perfect fit. In the end, only our top candidates are presented to you and you are left with the simple choice of which great employee will make a great addition to your team.

2. Avoid Hiring Headaches - We not only save you time, but we give you the option to have a trial period of time where we employ a candidate in order for you to make sure that they will be a good fit – not to mention they will be on Gage’s payroll, meaning we take care of the cost of payroll, insurances and more. There’s no more need for countless rounds of interviews. If the candidate is not working out, we replace them through our Gage Guarantee. You make the decisions and we take care of the work. Together we can.

3. Utilize Temporary Employees - Many industries have a busy season or annual fluctuations that they anticipate – by utilizing temporary employees you can meet your deadlines quickly and efficiently! Using a staffing service like Gage allows you to quickly gear up for your busiest times at the drop of a hat. If you have a special project or need to catch up in a particular area, we have the right temporary employee for that, whether short term or long term. The experienced recruiters at Gage interview daily and always have a candidate pool with various skill sets available to work at any time.

4. Find Top Talent - Gage Personnel has experienced and professional recruiters from various industries. We not only find what you’re looking for but make sure you’re getting a candidate who will fit your industry and your needs. In addition to skills on a resume, we work hard to develop a client relationship, as well as a relationship with our candidates, giving us insight into who would fit best for your workplace environment.

No matter what your temporary, temp-to-hire or direct-hire need is, we can help you make your hiring process as smooth and efficient as possible. We provide candidates for general office, manufacturing, skilled, professional, hospitality and customer service openings. Where ever you might have an opening, we have a creative staffing solution to meet your needs!