7 Common Interview Mistakes - Interview Tips

7 Common Interview Mistakes – Interview Tips

By: Katelyn Lengeman, Recruiter & Marketing Coordinator

You might be in the large majority of people that get nervous for interviews. It seems like there are a thousand things that can go wrong in a tense situation like that. In about an hour, employers are judging, probing, questioning, and analyzing you to see if they want you on their team. There are not too many ways to get around having an interview, but here are some common blunders that you can avoid to increase your chances of success:

1. Not Knowing about the Company: It sounds silly to go into a test without having taken the class, yet going to an interview without researching the company is similar. You’re going to have better success if you know what the job requires of you in the context of what the company is all about.

2. Rude at Front Desk: You can bet your bottom dollar that the person at the front desk shares their perspective of a potential employee. Your interaction with the receptionist or assistant can go a long way to help or hurt your chances with a company.

3. Dressing Inappropriately: The way you dress, accessorize, and smell should enhance your professionalism and reinforce your skill level. If your outfit, smell, or make-up distracts from who you are as an employee, it could translate as a negative impression. Make sure to be dressed professionally enough but not too over the top that it distracts.

4. Talking Too Much: There is such a thing as being too comfortable in an interview. Some interviewers try to put you at ease in order to get a better perspective of who you are. The problem: interviewees can take advantage of that and talk too much or get off topic. This can show that you’re easily distracted and are less likely to keep your nose to the grindstone.

5. Talking Too Little: Even if you are shy or a person of little words, use your interview to break out of your comfort zone. This is your one chance to express to the interviewer that you can be an asset to their company and one word answers will not suffice.

6. Over or Under Confident: Being over-confident can come off as arrogant (remember: you do not have the job yet). Being under-confident can come across as being too insecure to do your job well (remember: they called you for an interview because they saw your skills). Find a happy medium and stick to talking about your skill set that relates to the job.

7. Arriving Too Late or Too Early: Most people have heard not to be late to an interview. This alone can ruin your interview and misrepresent your character and dependability as an employee. What people have probably not heard is that arriving way too early can also show that you’re too eager and overzealous.

This is your chance to really sell yourself to your potential employer. Avoiding these common mistakes can help them to see your professional value and open the door to a new position!