Balancing Work and Life

Balancing Work and Life 

By: Katelyn Lengeman, Recruiting Assistant

Without work we couldn’t do life as well, yet our life outside work is a huge indicator of our work performance. So how do you balance wellness in your life and being successful at work? People have been trying to tackle this question in many ways and quite frankly, the answer is different for everyone. What we can do for you, though, is give you some helpful tips to keep in mind when balancing life and work is overwhelming.

We do tons of time-wasting activities every day without even realizing it. One of the most common time-wasters is social media. People spend hours on social media every day and every week and then complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day. If you have a hard time limiting yourself, turn your phone or computer off when you’re trying to work on something else. Some other time-wasters are TV, video games, phone conversations, etc. If we are honest with ourselves, completely cutting these things out is unrealistic, but being aware of how long you spend doing these activities can help you limit yourself.

This idea leads to another good balancing tactic: boundaries. Sometimes with people and responsibilities, you have to set boundaries within yourself and interpersonally. If you are looking for more time in your schedule but still want to volunteer or keep up certain relationships, look for ways to set up parameters that free up more time. Instead of going out to dinner with an old friend, limit yourself to a half-hour coffee date with them. Instead of volunteering for three organizations, pick one that you can put you energy behind. Boundaries can help you and others be more aware of your time.

On that note, being that time is precious, learn to focus on what matters. Instead of trying to do it all, sit down and really determine what you want to put your time into. This can help you to put more time into working towards personal goals and not letting your stress level outside work affect your time at work. Doing everything may sound good on paper but makes you less effective than putting your time into a few things that you can put your energy behind.

Finally, take some healthy time for yourself. This can be one of the biggest helps when balancing life and work. If you can block out some time for yourself that is uninterrupted, whether you’re working out or developing a hobby, you will be able to alleviate stress that can creep in when you’re pulled in too many directions. When you’re happy with yourself, you perform better at work and in all areas of your life. It may take some hard decisions and weighing what is important, but balancing life and work is worth it so you can feel successful in everything you do.