Candidates Beware: Myth Busters and Facts about Using a Staffing Service

Candidates Beware: Myth Busters and Facts about Using a Staffing Service

By: Katelyn Lengeman, Recruiter/Marketing Assistant

If you’re a job seeker, you’ve probably heard a whole dissertation on what to expect when using a staffing service. What we want to do is clear up some of the murky details and the myths circulated by agencies, clients, and candidates who are uninformed. I’ve put together some common questions and facts that we want to address. If you have any questions beyond what is covered, we can certainly answer any further questions. Find contact information and more answers at

Why should I use a staffing service? This is a huge question that has many extensive answers, but I’ll sum up the important reasons! First of all, it’s most certainly in our best interest to not only make sure the company is happy with you but also that you’re happy with your new position. We have built relationships with clients and can advocate and coach you so you can be seen for your true value in your new position. We ask what you want and look within those specifications. In addition to how we can help you get a position, companies have found success with our firm and will often give us an openings that are never opened up to the public. It’s in your best interest to have our set of eyes and ears out there for you in addition to your own.

Can I use more than one staffing service? Some staffing services will tell you that you aren’t allowed to work with other staffing services. It’s very important to read the policies and standards that you agree to carefully to see if this is accurate. Gage Personnel does not limit you to using just our service – every service works with different companies and we wouldn’t want to limit the opportunities available to you.

How much money will be taken from my paycheck when I get a job? Gage Personnel is unique in the fact that we don’t charge you anything to register and get placed through us! Many staffing services will take a cut from your paycheck but not Gage! Sometimes clients will require drug tests that require a one-time deduction from your paycheck but you will always be informed if this is necessary.

What do I need to bring when I register? You should always bring a resume when you apply for a staffing service. Skilled, professional, and clerical positions require a resume to be sent for placement purposes. Personal information will be blinded out whenever Gage Personnel sends your resume to an employer. In addition to a resume, you will need valid government issued ID that is in compliance with the requirements set forth by the I9 form.*

There are a lot of people looking for work and we believe that we are a valuable service in the midst of the tough job market. We would love to help find you find that perfect position and help our clients find the perfect you!