Our primary goal is to help students get connected with our community and ensure their success both in school and in the workforce. 

Student Benefits:

• Helps students achieve academic achievement and success both in school and through career opportunities.

• Provides students training in development of soft skills, workforce-readiness, interviewing, resume writing and more.

Career Program Partnership Opportunities: 

• Job Shadowing

• Internships (paid or unpaid)

• Apprenticeships 

• Employment

• Career Guidance

• On-The-Job Training

• Motivational Speaking

• And more! 

*Contact our Career Program Coordinator to determine what may be the best fit for you or your business!

What is a Career Program Partner?

A qualified Program Partner is defined as any company, non-profit or individual leader within our community that is willing to provide job opportunities, job shadowing, internships or motivational speaking to the students of Reading High School that are currently exploring career pathways in ANY field. 

*There is no cost for employers to participate, however program partners are encouraged to contribute a $100 program marketing fee for the purpose of educational funding within the Reading School District. Program partners will be recognized for their contributions!

Program Partner Community Impact:

• Building Our Future Workforce

• Supporting Our Community

• Guiding Our Future Leaders

Job Placement: 

Provide employment opportunities for RHS students through co-ops, after-school work, apprenticeships or internships while students continue their studies.

Students can be placed directly with program partners or can be placed through Gage Personnel. 

*Any profit from placement through Gage Personnel will be donated back to the Reading School District.

Career Mentoring: 

Provide guidance to students that have not yet decided on career choices. You can be a mentor by simply sharing your knowledge, skills and experiences, or by being a positive role model that will guide the students in achieving their goals and aspirations. 

Skill Development: 

Provide on-the-job training for students.

Maintain communication with RHS/Gage on students’ skills and knowledge to ensure we provide proper workshops, training, and communication for continuous workforce improvement.  

Community Involvement, Encouragement and Academic Support:

Volunteer as a guest speaker or motivational speaker to help provide students and teachers with information about the importance of high school graduation, accountability, attitude and skill development. Share with students how these important factors will help improve workforce readiness and promote success in various areas of work and life, including long-term career opportunities, and more!

About Us:

The RHS/Gage Personnel Career Program connects the students with local businesses through job shadowing, internships and employment opportunities. 

Gage Personnel is a local staffing firm committed to giving back to the local community since 1985.

“Building a stronger community through creating opportunities for growth and success.” ~ Gage Personnel 


Ivy Horn, Reading High School/Gage Personnel

Career Program Coordinator 



Gage Personnel Corporate Office

Human Resources Department