Employer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Click above to read more about the 10 most common questions we are asked by clients!

1. What kind of positions can Gage help me staff for?

Gage is a full-service staffing firm offering Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Direct-Hire placements in nearly every industry: Clerical, Professional, Light Industrial, Skilled Trades and Hospitality. Gage provides a variety of resources, including specialized programs to meet each company's unique needs. Our team of skilled recruiters specialize in each of our three divisions: Gage Personnel, Gage Professionals and Gage Hospitality.

2. What makes Gage different?

We are committed to YOUR success and the overall success of our community. After being in business for over 30 years, Gage has shown proven success in implementing creative staffing programs to meet the needs of the business community.  Our tenured team has received extensive and ongoing training in order to stay ahead of the curve on employment updates, legal updates, best practices in staffing and more. We strive to be a true partner and do what it takes to help improve and protect your business.  Gage Personnel is a WBENC Certified Diversity Supplier.

3. Can you customize your services to meet my company’s particular needs?

Yes. Once we get to learn more about your business needs, Gage has the ability to make recommendations and create programs customized to meet your specific needs.  We can customize programs for hiring and retention of top candidates in any environment, including both small or large volume accounts. We offer a number of solutions through each of our three divisions: Gage Personnel, Gage Professionals and Gage Hospitality.

4. What are your hiring policies?

Gage offers Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Direct-Hire Staffing Programs that allow employers to choose the best fit for their needs.  Our Temporary and Temp-to-Hire programs allow companies to evaluate a temporary worker before making a hiring decision while employers are billed at an hourly bill rate for a period of time.  Our Direct-Hire program allows companies to hire the right employee directly onto their payroll right away for a one-time referral fee.

5. What are your bill rates?

Our bill rate and quotes vary according to job responsibilities, account volume, risk, skills and experience required.

6. How do you recruit talent?

Gage maintains a comprehensive network of recruiting sources, including but not limited to: Daily Walk-In and Scheduled Interviews, Job Fairs, Community Partnerships, Newspaper Advertising, Web Advertising, Marketing Programs, Referral Programs, Database Sourcing, Target Marketing, and more.

7. How do you evaluate candidates?

Our screening process ensures the best fit for your placement needs. All applicants must visit one our office locations to formally apply and must be interviewed by one of our expert recruiters. Gage also offers customized skill assessments and computerized evaluations to test applicant skills.

8. What type of training do you offer?

Gage Personnel's Corporate Office has a complete training and testing center within it's 12,000 square foot facility, in which Gage can offer computer-based testing and training opportunities. We have the ability to conduct a variety of trainings, including Safety Training, Onboarding, Presentations and more. Our internal staff also participates in ongoing training in several areas of focus, including: Human Resources, Staffing, Safety, Risk Management and more.

9. How can Gage save me time and money?

Gage becomes an extention of your HR team, completing the necessary screening, onboarding and hiring. Gage can also help by managing its employees while they are onsite at your location, through coaching, training, discipline and more!

10. Is Gage a national service?

Gage has been in business for over thirty years and is in its third generation as a family-owned business. We are NOT a national staffing agency that has to answer to a corporate office in another state.  Because Gage is a top leading local staffing firm and community partner, we can quickly make the best decisions for our clients.  As a family-owned business for over thirty years, Gage Personnel’s corporate office is located in Reading, PA with branch locations in Ephrata and Lancaster.  As a member of TEMPNET (our national staffing association) and a member/owner of ANSERTEAM (our national provider) we can accommodate national contracts and partnerships.