INDECISION: The biggest mistake employers CAN’T afford to make in today’s competitive market.


INDECISION: The biggest mistake employers CAN’T afford to make in today’s competitive market.

Written by staffing executive & workforce planning enthusiast, Kristi Gage-Linderman.

When dealing with people, there is never a guarantee. It’s human nature to be unsure when making an important hiring decision, but given today’s competitive workforce climate, it is well-known that top talent isn’t waiting around for long.

Smart employers are making smart hiring decisions. When they meet a good candidate, they know it. They don’t choose to review 20 more resumes or interview 10 more candidates. Why? Because they know that time is of the essence and that if they don’t hire them, someone else will. They already have a pulse on what’s happening in the market and they move quickly to hire top talent. 

Despite unemployment rates reaching record lows, the average employer still takes too long to make a hiring decision. Even more employers find themselves simply collecting unqualified or overqualified resumes, not even knowing where to begin. In both of these situations, indecisiveness and uncertainty are causing employers to miss out on the opportunity to bring top talent into their organization, thus having a negative impact on their business.

So what can employers do to avoid getting cold feet when it’s time to make an important hiring decision? Optimize their workforce strategies, keep a pulse on the market, utilize local resources and never stop planning. Ask yourself: What are the current market trends and statistics? Are your organization’s wages competitive? Does your company offer additional incentives to attract top candidates? What resources are out there?

In today’s tight labor market, working with staffing and recruitment professionals as a resource can help your company develop a strategic hiring process that gives your HR and recruitment team access to hundreds of candidates that have already been screened. A reputable staffing firm knows the market and can connect you with qualified candidates far more quickly than it would take for you to review that pile of resumes.

Breaking down the proverbial wall that is often put up during the initial interview process, staffing professionals are willing to share the candid interview responses and job preferences given by candidates that ALREADY meet your minimum requirements on paper. In other words, you can get the inside scoop on top recommended candidates before even meeting them.

The bottom line: Whether you’re hiring on your own or if you choose to partner with a search firm, don’t let indecision be the factor that holds you back from hiring a great candidate. Be deliberate with your hiring decisions and onboarding strategies so you can position your company to attract, engage and retain top talent.

If you are thinking about further developing your talent attraction and recruitment strategies, consider reaching out to a reputable local staffing firm as an additional resource. They can help you explore how to streamline your hiring process so you can get top talent on your team, fast. Some local firms can even offer programs specifically tailored to meet your needs – and it is very likely that they have already met your next employee.

 Is anything else holding you back from hiring? With a strong focus on education, training and workforce development, we want to hear from you! To share your insight or to learn more, email Kristi

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