Job Seeker FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Click above to read more about the 10 most common questions we are asked by job seekers!

1. What companies does Gage hire for?

Gage partners with a number of companies throughout the region! Gage gives candidates the opportunity to get connected and get their foot in the door with top local companies in positions such as administrative, professional, manufacturing, skilled trades and more.

2. Does Gage offer jobs other than just "TEMP" work?

Gage is NOT just a "Temp Agency." Gage offers a ton of great career opportunities as a full service staffing firm! Gage offers Temp, Temp-to-Hire and Direct-Hire opportunities with some of our region's top employers!  Check out some of the great career opportunities offered through our Gage Professionals Division!

3. Why should I apply with Gage?

Gage has been in business for over thirty years, so we have a lot of recruiting experience to put to work for you!  We can provide many great opportunities for our candidates with new jobs and new connections daily. With our team of expert recruiters, we can be a great resource for you during your job search to help you get your foot in the door with a great company. The team at Gage truly cares and would love to help you create your OWN Gage Success Story!

4. How do I apply?

Gage accepts daily walk-in applications and interviews between 8am-4pm, or by appointment. Professional applicants should email their resume to so they can be contacted for an interview. *In order to apply, all applicants must bring proper form(s) of ID to provide proof of identification and eligibility to work in the United States.

5. After applying for work, how long before I get a job?

Depending upon our current client needs and upon your skill sets and job search requirements, candidates might have the opportunity to be placed immediately or may be placed on our waiting list for the next opportunity.  We encourage candiates to check in with us weekly by contacting our Available to Work hotline at 610-898-9314.

6. Does guarantee everyone a job?

There is never a guarantee. Once we find a match for your skill sets, Gage will recommend you for placement with one of our client companies.  Candidates are encouraged to update their resume to reflect their work experience and skill sets, as well as remain flexible in today's competetive market.  Don't have a resume?  Stop by Gage to complete one of our Resume Template Forms.

7. Does Gage offer any benefits to its employees?

Yes, Gage offers a variety of benefit options through its providers.  Gage also provides all employees the option for direct deposit, cash card or paper check due to its weekly pay cycles.

8. What happens if I don’t like the assignment I’m placed at?

Simply let one of our Gage representatives know and we will work quickly to place you on your next assignment.  Attendance is important, so it is best to give advance notice before quitting any assignment.

9. Does Gage charge their employees a fee?

There is never a fee to apply!

10. Can I get hired directly by Gage Personnel’s client companies?

Absolutely! Through our Temp-to-Hire program, client companies will often evaluate employees based upon their performance to be sure they are a good fit.  Gage has had thousands of success stories of individuals being hired by a number of companies.  Through Gage Personnel's Direct-Hire program, client companies may opt to hire someone immediately depending upon the type of position and skill set required.