Entry Level Maintenance

Essential Job Functions:

  • Responds to requests from the Department Supervisors for maintenance, adjustments or repairs to foundry machinery and equipment as well as building and grounds.
  • Prioritizes Maintenance Request Forms with first priority to production equipment breakdowns.
  • Provides maintenance, adjustments and repair covering mechanical, plumbing, hydraulics, lubrication, cleaning, electrical etc.
  • If help is needed, assists in other departments when instructed by a supervisor.
  • Performs all duties and functions in a manner that will minimize downtime.
  • Inspects equipment for preventative maintenance and reports any needed repairs or adjustments needed to Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Assists Maintenance Supervisor in ordering parts, supplies, tools and custodial supplies and equipment.
  • Keep maintenance records showing the dates of service to the various pieces of foundry machinery and equipment.
  • Helps maintain an inventory of small parts and reports for recorders of parts, as necessary
  • Starts up the required equipment and inspects
  • Carries out all duties & responsibilities in full accordance with the Company’s policies & procedures
  • Maintains clean work area

Non-Essential Job Functions:

  • Fills out and records time on production sheet each day
  • Performs other related duties as required or requested

Equipment Used to Perform Job:

  • Various to all included

Mandatory Personal Protective (In Production Area):

  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety shoes in good condition, no holes
  • Hearing Protection
  • Leather gloves (not mandatory)
  • Welding Shield
  • Respiratory Protection (recommended but not mandatory)

Safety Rules & Functions:

  • Follow all safety guidelines for equipment as suggested by manufacturer
  • When providing maintenance, adjustments or repair on equipment, follow all rules of the Lockout/Tagout procedures. Each employee must have his own key & lock-to-lock out equipment.
  • All guards must be replaced after repairs are complete and before equipment may be run.
  • Any tools with mushroomed heads or loose handles are strictly prohibited
  • All ladders must have safety feet and may not be painted, cracked, broken, greasy, missing parts, and no wooden parts may be repaired
  • All power tools and outlets must be grounded plant wide.
  • Only approved air nozzles/blow guns with safety tips are to be used; Air nozzles/blow guns are not to be altered in any manner.
  • When there is danger to other employees, areas must be roped off and warning signs and tags used to denote danger.
  • All stored compressed gas cylinders must be capped, stored upright and chained at all times in the respective area, whether empty or full
  • All paints, solvents, aerosols and other flammables must be kept in grounded or vented safety metal cabinets
  • Follow all other departmental & plant-wide safety rules
  • Carries out all duties & responsibilities in full accordance with the Company’s safety program & procedures

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