Magnet Prep/Powder Handler

General Description:

The purpose of this position is to blend powder to the correct chemistry and maintain the powder inventory.


Major Functions:


  1. Safety
    1. Optimize safety/minimize risk
    2. Wear required PPE.
    3. Adhere to required safety precautions.
  2. Read and understand work instructions and process control standards (PCS)
    1. Access Paradigm to review and/or print WI or PCS. 
    2. Recommend revisions and updates to the WI and PCS.


  1. Set up machinery
    1. Clean and prepare blenders, sifters, powder containers and work area.
    2. Accurately weigh specified powder for blends and transfer into blenders, sifters and powder containers.


  1. Maintain machinery
    1. Clean and organize machinery, equipment and work area.
    2. Maintain inventory of powder in Press area.
    3. Perform required preventative maintenance.
    4. Keep powder contained in an inert atmosphere.
    5. Request reorder of consumables as needed.


  1. Operate machinery
    1. WAB blender
    2. 100 lb Blender
    3. Turbula Blenders
    4. Inverter
    5. Drum lift
    6. Sifters
    7. Dry box
    8. Powder storage rack system
    9. Nitrogen/Argon boxes and lines
    10. Program blenders and sifters to run to specified standards.
    11. Meet established production rates and quality standards.


  1. Verify and accurately record data into ERP computer system, manufacturing routers, logs, databases and control charts.


  1. Perform in process inspection as required.


  1. Adhere to EEC Escalation Policy.

Employment Type: 

Pay Rate: 


Location / Area: 

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