Production Line Quality Control


Good communication skills in both English and Spanish

Attention to detail

High School Diploma or GED

Basic computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office

Reliable, dependable, excellent attendance and willing to work hours required. Line leaders should show up 30 minutes before the start


Key roles of Line Lead

Ensures the line has the proper and needed equipment set for such run.

Communicates with the Maintenance Department when equipment is out of specification.

Verifies that the components, packaging materials and bulk provided for a production run are accurate and of the proper quantities.

Reviews BOM (Bill Of Material) prior to start of job and addresses any issues or concerns.

Assigns adequate staffing to respective line tasks, as outline in the BOM.

Monitor production flow on the line, troubleshoot issues, recommends and institute line improvements and direct the line associates

Maintains detailed and complete documentation of all jobs such as; number of employees, quantities of components used, bulk and product weight, excess waste, product packaged and ready to be shipped, etc.

 Monitors the progress of each job and reports the number of units produced and production line efficiencies to production manager or designee (Efficiency boards).

Assigns production staff to perform line clearance at the completion of each production run.

Inspects the production line and equipment for cleanliness prior to the start of production and fills out respective documentation. 

Ensures unused components, packaging materials and bulk is removed from the area and placed back into inventory before running the next job.

Ensures all rejected components, waste and trash is removed from production line.


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What Our Candidates are Saying

"Working with Gage Personnel was an easy and fast process, and I truly appreciate that. I applied with Gage and less than three weeks later, I started a new position. I really enjoy my position and this opportunity would not have been possible without Gage."

— Brandy M.