Ring Cell Operator


General Description

The purpose of this position is to machine, magnetize, stabilize and measure magnetic values of rare earth magnet material to meet customer requirements.


Major Functions:

  1. Optimize safety/minimize risk
    1. Wear required PPE.
    2. Adhere to required safety precautions.


  1. Read, understand and follow work instructions (WI) and process control standards (PCS)
    1. Access Paradigm to review and/or print WI or PCS. 
    2. Recommend revisions and updates to the WI and PCS.


  1. Interpret customer drawings
    1. Verify the drawing part number matches the manufacturing router
    2. Review the drawing to obtain specified dimensions, features, tolerances and customer requirements.


  1. Set up machinery
    1. Install proper tooling.
    2. Select proper measuring equipment and calibrate as required. (May include optical comparator, micrometer, gauge blocks and pins)
    3. Select proper fixtures.
    4. Select appropriate program when running Robot.


  1. Maintain machinery
    1. Clean and organize machinery and work area.
    2. Check coolant levels daily.
    3. Fill the coolant or oil in the machine daily.
    4. Perform required preventative maintenance.
    5. Request reorder of consumables as needed.


  1. Operate machinery
    1. Chamfer
    2. Crack
    3. Double disc rough
    4. Wirebrush
    5. Magnetizers
    6. Ovens
    7. Gauss meter
    8. Helmholtz coil
    9. Robot
    10. Meet established quality standards and production rates.

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Pay Rate: 


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What Our Candidates are Saying

"Thank you to Gage Personnel for helping me find full time employment.  I worked closely with the team at Gage and found a great opportunity that matched my skill sets.  Years later I am still employed by the same company and am thankful getting the chance to prove myself."

— Francisco M.