What Our Clients Say

“We have been involved with Gage Personnel for quite some time, using temporary workers to staff for peak times at our distribution center in Reading. We have a very successful relationship with Gage. Not only are the workers qualified and dependable but we have found the staff at Gage to be professional, courteous and helpful. I am sure that you would not be disappointed with Gage's services.”

PVH Corp.

“Gage Personnel allows us to focus on striving to create novel medical solutions that elevate the standard of care and improve people's lives, while Gage focuses on making sure that we have qualified temporary employees on board to help us achieve our goal. Gage Personnel listens to, successfully recruits for, and meets and/or exceeds our expectations when it comes to supplying temporary staff.”


“Gage Personnel has demonstrated their commitment to fulfilling our temporary staffing needs. The Gage staff provides a professional partnership and is very responsive to achieving our staffing goals.”

Sweet Street Desserts

“Working with Gage Personnel over the years has made it easier to get whatever results we’re looking for. They are always professional, dependable and responsive to our requests and needs. When one of our client contracts required employee screening and background checks, Gage handled the process efficiently and affordably. Their high level of customer service is something we value greatly, and we consider Gage a tremendous asset to our Human Resource Department. As a fellow woman-owned business in Berks County, we are proud to continue our association with Gage.”

The Anderson Group

“In 1998 we selected Gage from a field of 11 services to be our primary and exclusive source of temporary employment. We made this selection based on their outstanding customer service, their commitment to customer satisfaction and business and personal integrity that is beyond reproach. We rely on Gage to supply temporary labor on very short notice, and in many cases, in significant volume. Inevitably, they have always met even our most stringent requirements. I wholeheartely recommend their service and I am available to discuss any aspect of our service relationship at your convenience.”

SFS Intec, Inc.

“You are doing an excellent job. Your office is held in extremely high esteem since we've been working with Gage. All the supervisors and managers are impressed with the consistent quality and speed in which you find employees for us. You should all be very proud, and I'm very thankful. ”


“I have heard a lot of nightmare stories with some other temporary services not being on top of things or organized with placements. Gage is so with it and organized. Thanks so much for your help and follow ups.”

Zip-Net, Inc.

“East Penn Manufacturing Company has been utilizing the services of Gage Personnel for the entire four plus years that I have been in my current Personnel position. During that time Gage has assisted us in placing large numbers of temporary employees at times when our hiring needs were great and they continue to serve us well at a time when our temporary hiring needs are more modest. Gage has successfully assisted us in filling both production and clerical positions. They have consistently made appropriate and timely referrals and continue to show an interest in maintaining a high level of service.”

East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.