5 Tips on How to Love Your Job

What if you could make your workplace the one that individuals are excited to wake up for every morning? No one can work magic or totally satisfy everyone, but here are five ways to make your place the place to be.

Finding Joy In What You Do

Almost anyone you talk to in their advanced years will tell you that finding joy in what you do is the crucial aspect to a successful life. Because dream jobs unfortunately don’t fall into our laps, finding joy takes some responsibility and action on our part.

5 Tips for Success: Just for Today

My goal today is to give you some of the tips for success but also break that down into what you can do today. Even if you only accomplish one thing, you’re closer to where you want to be already. Make today the day that you begin an active journey towards success.

Ace the Interview in Seven Seconds - Interview Tips

Seven seconds: the average amount of time it takes for people to establish their first impression of someone. For interviewers, those first seven seconds include your physical presentation and a couple seconds of nonverbal cues. In one glance, they can draw a confident, professional opinion of you or an underprepared and mediocre opinion. You have the power to present yourself in the best way possible with a few simple tips.  

Tell Me About Yourself - Interview Tips

Tell me about yourself. It’s the most commonly asked interview question by interviewers and the most feared question by you and I. This simple request can pack a punch or completely deflate the experience you have in your interview. How do you prepare yourself for the question that will inevitably set the stage for the rest of your interview? I am here to help.

Time Cards and Change Requests due Mondays before 5PM!

To all of our current and soon-to-be employees:

***Please note this friendly reminder to submit your weekly Gage Time Cards to our Payroll Department EACH MONDAY BEFORE 5PM!

***Please also note that any changes to Direct Deposit, Paycard or Check Handling MUST be turned in BY MONDAY AT 5PM or the changes may not effect for the following pay period.